About BEI (BackOffice Export Incorporated)

BackOffice Export Inc
7884 Makati Avenue
Metro Manila
Makati, Philippines

Our Corporate Philosophy
BEI specializes in backoffice operations. Our main efforts are focused on building out proprietary strategies and services that will benefit brands. Our success is based on customer and client satisfaction. Whatever it is, that our staff might be doing for your business we always keep quality in mind that will bring results and satisfaction.

We never approach the market of any of our clients with the mindset of “you must do this because your competitors are.” We focus all our efforts into approaching your market in a more creative way utilizing outside the box thinking. We might utilize what is already in existence (and what our clients want of course) but at same time we are always providing recommendations from what we have learned from experience.

Our Candidates
A large portion of our work is handled through the Philippines. We hire candidates all over the beautiful islands of the Philippines. This allows us to find  the most talented individuals out there. This method also allows us to be more competitive with the candidates we hire (we have to meet QDO standards).

About the President / CEO
Tyler Dewitt is the President and CEO of BEI. His expertise and background in hiring and managing various projects offshore has helped his clients in the US get explosive results along with his own products that were designed for the US market. His belief in only hiring the best out of all the potential candidates results in helping brands achieve excellent results over time.

In 2008, Tyler’s company DeWitt’s Media Inc achieved the status of top performer for a well known brand which was Insurance.com. Insurance.com was very impressed with the traffic and leads Tyler’s company generated through various online marketing channels (pay per click, follow up calls, search engine optimization, and so on). The leads were so qualified Insurance.com began to generate a ~8 to ~12 percent conversion (from lead to customer obtaining an auto insurance policy). This helped Insurance.com expand their consumer base with nothing but qualified customers (long term).

In 2011, Tyler and a client successfully created two advertising campaigns that generated over a million dollars worth in leads in just a one year period. He managed this task by approaching the market more creatively. In other words implementing new strategies through testing no one else was conducting. In addition to this outsourcing overseas played a major factor in savings.

In 2013, Tyler moved into the supplement industry, developing his own products (along with his offshore team that was working remotely). Tyler was able to dramatically cut cost, by utilizing offshore employees for the product design website, customer support, email support, and the programming of the websites for the products. With then 18 months Tyler had sales up in the 6 figures a month along with extraordinary profits.

In 2015, Tyler ended up flying to the Philippines to incorporate offshore (and of course this is where BEI came in at). The BEI incorporation had two main purposes. The main purpose was to be a BackOffice for the products & services of Tyler’s US company. The secondary purpose of BEI was to provide other companies with quality back office services such as accounting, customer support, sales, programming, and anything else that could be outsource, using QDO (quality driven operation) standards.

One major advantage BEI has over most companies is that BEI is owned and operated by an American. An American company that has been offshoring for 13 years (that understands quality is essential).