One Tactic That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

The job market is still very tough, and some applicants will go to great lengths just to get noticed by both recruiters and potential employers. Some jobseekers even gain notice in the headlines for some of the unconventional tactics they use. While these resume tactics may gain attention in the public eye, they seldom result in job offers. Those that are hired did not obtain the job because of a gimmick; the gimmick simply made the potential employer sit up and take notice.

The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes (that could keep you from getting a job)

The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid

In many cases your resume is the first contact you have with a potential employer. Unfortunately, the worst resume mistakes are the easiest to make while quite difficult to repair after submission. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first job or are updating your resume for a mid-career job search; no one is immune from making mistakes.

4 Strategies To Improve Your Job Hunting Skills

It is very difficult to endure job-hunting. It involves a rather boring process of searching for just the right job, updating your outdated resume, writing a variety of cover letters, and then sending them to potential employers. You then have to wait and remain confident you will obtain a job interview.

It’s important to detail your resume and cover letter so it matches the job description. Even if you had the same job title in a previous position, if you lack the skills employers request, it is not very likely you will succeed in obtaining an interview. What you want to do is highlight those skills that are necessary based on the requirements of the company. It’s also essential to mention why you are applying for a job with that particular company and what you can offer them if they choose to hire you.