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Data Encoder Services
Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: Fundline Finance Corp. [ Since 12 Mar, 2013 - 16 Jan, 2017 ]

CI, Marketing, Collection. -Proper issuance of O.R upon receipts of payments and avoidance of errors, alternation, erasures and cancellations. -Timely and proper depositing of outside collection to the bank. -Proper and timely remittance of collective O.R to the branch. -Monitoring accounts to identify overdue payments. -Ability to cultivate good customer relation. -Entertain prospective customer inquiries. -Responsible to make a plan for marketing strategies and activities.

Data Encoder Services
Philippines, Benguet

Previous Employer: Kiddie Planet Preschool [ Since 17 Jun, 2008 - 11 Jul, 2015 ]

I have worked as a preschool teacher for 9 years in total. In my previous job, I spent 7 years teaching in a Montessori school in Indonesia. As a preschool teacher my duties were to implement the required activities for the children to achieve the core curriculum in a comfortable environment. Maintain classroom environment conducive to learning with due security measures. Collect and assess each student’s paper works and assemble it to make a portfolio. Participate in teacher- parent conferences. Produce progress reports and discuss the child’s progress with the parents. And one of the most important tasks is to ...

Philippines, Southern Tagalog (CALABARZON)

Previous Employer: Microtalk Europe [ Since 03 May, 2016 - 14 Jul, 2018 ]

My role includes identifying sales opportunities. Direct the territory sales team, teaching them important elements of the company products and services in order to give them the tools needed to be successful team members. I also project potential sales for future quarters and years by reviewing operational reports and records. I am in charge to prepare budgets at the beginning of each fiscal year to ensure the corporate money is spent in the best ways possible. I set promotional discount rates for special seasonal sales or new customers in order to entice both new and repeat customers. I analyze the ...

Philippines, Central Luzon

Previous Employer: Concentrix [ Since 07 Nov, 2016 - 08 Sep, 2016 ]

I handle customer's concerns or issues through email. I process refunds, reposting digital downloads to customer accounts, assisting customers to manage their accounts, and performing basic troubleshooting.

Philippines, Eastern Visayas

Previous Employer: Center Shoe Palace [ Since 01 Dec, 2006 ]

Sales and Operations Supervisor. Handles daily sales and Operations including logistics. Proofreading. Handles social media management.

Data Encoder Services
Philippines, Central Luzon

Previous Employer: Livingston Research [ Since 01 Aug, 2017 - 30 Jun, 2018 ]

My job includes: Data Encoder and Basic Research - Data Entry - Data Management - Company information research - Contact information research - Outsourcing - Academic Writing - Content Writing - Article Writing

Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: Vytas Bacenas [ Since 01 May, 2018 - 22 Jul, 2018 ]

I worked as an eBay Lister for an E-Commerce shop in from May to July 2018. In this job, I search for profitable items in and other E-commerce shops available for dropshipping. I use Zik Analytics to do the research and WebSeller Guru to list the items I find to our eBay shop with a fully optimized title.

Philippines, Central Visayas

Previous Employer: Hinduja Global Solution [ Since 27 Apr, 2016 - 15 Mar, 2018 ]

Health Care Associate/Back office account

Philippines, Central Luzon

Previous Employer: Jimenez Law Llp [ Since 08 Sep, 2016 - 09 Aug, 2017 ]

I was Fielding calls from my previous employer, I answer calls, return emails, and similar tasks, provide various levels of customer service type documents, mail letters and take notes. I also schedule meetings and manage daily calendar, book travel accommodations, and car rentals, manage blogs, and social media accounts, advise on best business practices, build teams and recruit other virtual assistants, and handle scheduling and delegate daily tasks.

Data Encoder Services
Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: University Of Mindanao [ Since 14 Jun, 2016 - 12 Jun, 2018 ]

I was a college instructor at a University. My job is to impart knowledge to my students.