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    Previous Employer: Need Insights [ Since 01 Mar, 2015 - 01 May, 2018 ]

    Data analysis and business intelligence

    Previous Employer: Unemployed Working With Father [ Since 01 May, 2008 - 03 May, 2018 ]

    Previous Employer: Mmfsl [ Since 01 Jan, 2015 - 01 May, 2013 ]

    Previous Employer: Ads Skills [ Since 21 Jan, 2016 - 02 May, 2018 ]

    Philippines, Manila

    Previous Employer: Convergys Philippines Services [ Since 25 Apr, 2011 - 02 May, 2018 ]

    I am currently working as an associate command center who’s responsible in ensuring the efficiency of our operations team and maximising revenue opportunities. I would like to futher enhance my skills in higher level of management and broaden my knowledge especially on vendor management. I am a team player and has a progressive plans for my future.

    Philippines, Manila

    Previous Employer: Stellar philippines [ Since 19 Dec, 2011 - 01 May, 2018 ]

    I started developing my skills after I got my license as a nurse here in the Philippines. My compassion in helping people directed me into assisting those who are hard of hearing. This made me work hard and learn how to accomplish tasks with a team. My present company honed me to be a team player. Our mentors also increased my standards about having outputs and deliverables.

    Philippines, Leyte

    Previous Employer: Lexus Garments [ Since 10 Jan, 2014 - 21 Apr, 2014 ]

    I am an undergraduate student and soon to graduate this June with Latin Honor. I am friendly and have good communication skills.

    Previous Employer: Apex India [ Since 08 Dec, 2014 - 10 Aug, 2016 ]

    Philippines, Misamis Oriental

    Previous Employer: Annex Business Hub [ Since 01 Jun, 2001 - 01 May, 2018 ]

    I value honesty at work and will try to provide the best possible outcome of what is expected of me. I'm a team player and values suggestions from my colleagues.

    Philippines, Manila

    Previous Employer: AXA Philippines (part-time) [ Since 01 Jun, 2017 - 01 May, 2018 ]

    I have had several and varied work experiences in top banks, government service, and private business operations. These provided me extensive and deep insights, actual work and successes in top management cascades, annual business and strategic-vision planning, communications to public / stakeholders, compliance audits, control and field supervision.