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    Philippines, Central Visayas

    Previous Employer: Teletech [ Since 26 Nov, 2016 ]

    Assist Customers with their Needs and Issues with the Service

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: None [ Since 13 Jun, 2018 ]

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: University Of The East - Caloocan [ Since 01 Jun, 2016 - 05 Apr, 2018 ]

    University of the East is one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines catering over 5000 students a year. It is also my alma mater. I currently am finishing my master's degree in that school.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Beijing Changxue Sanliuwu Co. Ltd. [ Since 10 Apr, 2018 ]

    It is my responsibility to check all files given if they follow the English grammatical rules and correct errors if necessary. This includes proper punctuation usage, spelling, etc.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Tikoy Aguiluz [ Since 16 Jun, 2015 ]

    an emerging player in learning events management in the corporate, academe and specialized industries. Anchored on “Strengthening One, Empowering Many”, she has dedicated more than two decades of her career in organization development and training across industries and functions for global and local companies. She has managed cross-functional teams to effectively deliver company-wide learning and development goals and objectives. She has been instrumental in establishing management and leadership development programs for select companies. Among her milestones include setting up “Supervisor Development Program”, a comprehensive training program benefiting 900 team leaders across the country for a business process outsourcing company, and “Sales ...

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Innodata Inc. [ Since 13 Apr, 2015 - 03 Oct, 2016 ]

    We write and edit cases for a legal firm. It involves grammar proofing and summarizing pages and pages of cases. It requires excellent written and oral english communication skills. The clients have deadlines so the work needs to be done as per the deadline with perfect grammar composition and excellent sentence construction. The clients are from overseas so we meet with them via teleconferencing or they visit our office from time to time. We are not really required to work for a number of hours. As long as our assignments are done, we can go home.

    Philippines, Central Luzon

    Previous Employer: Shopping Center Management Inc. [ Since 24 Feb, 2018 - 11 Mar, 2018 ]

    My job title was a Resident Engineer. It combines the job of a maintenance engineer and a project engineer. As a maintenance engineer, I was expected to have all the building's equipment in top condition. These equipments include, but not limited to, elevators, escalators, chillers, generators, pumps, motors, plumbing, electrical and fire protection. I handled the preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance for all these equipment. As a project engineer, it was also part of my job to plan and execute upgrades for the building, such as additional tenant spaces, additional provisions, upgrades of equipment and replacement of equipment. I was ...

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Philippine Airlines [ Since 10 Jul, 2009 - 15 Jan, 2016 ]

    Philippine Airlines International Flight Attendant Head Cabin Attendant (Flight Supervisor) October 2009 – January 2016 Responsibilities of being an International Cabin Crew • Assisting passengers during flight • Checking if all aircraft equipment are working to ensure flight stability • Making sure that the quantity of food is tallied with passenger’s capacity Responsibilities of being a Head Cabin Attendant (Flight Supervisor) • In charge of the following during the entire flight: o Other crew members o Designating roles to crew members o Emergency Situations o Passenger related issues o Safety of the entire crew and passengers o Providing documents and reports that transpired from the flight

    Previous Employer: Self-employed [ Since 23 Aug, 2017 - 23 Jul, 2018 ]

    Creative Director

    India, Tamil Nadu

    Previous Employer: Temenos India Pvt Ltd [ Since 25 Jul, 2018 ]

    Senior Test Engineer