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    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Citigroup Business Process Solutions [ Since 29 Jun, 2012 - 21 Nov, 2018 ]

    As A Customer Solutions Officer for the AU Telesales Account, I took inbound calls, activated credit and debit cards and offered upsells, bank products to enhance their business relationship with us. I also did data entry, processing requests of customers via email and doing outbound calls. I was also assigned to an Operations Manager that handled a project for recruitment, calling people to apply in our company for various posts.

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Niit [ Since 04 May, 2013 - 03 Aug, 2018 ]

    Remote access Tier 3 advisor, assisting customer all over USA and CANADA with their stations issues and internet connection reconnection with their provider.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Optum Global Solutions [ Since 01 Jul, 2015 - 31 Jul, 2017 ]

    Worked as a Customer Support for US Health Insurance. Answer queries for member about their health policy and benefits thru phone and email.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Credit Suite Inc [ Since 07 Feb, 2017 - 02 Aug, 2018 ]

    Billing Roles and Responsibilities • Payment Declines - Triggers action: Zendesk ticket notification of failed payment  -Business Day 1: • Call and email Partner / Client to notify them of late payment (need script: new card, alt payment plan options) • Notate call attempts on ZD failed payment notification with internal note. • Email individuals using ZD failed payment notification ticket. (create macro) • Assign sales team’s ticket to the applicable sales rep in ZD • Verify that applicable PAYF tag has been applied in IS (if not CC internal note to • Partner Payments: Membership---> PartnerPAYF • Core Payments: Membership ---> ClientPAYF • Silver : Membership ---> ...

    Philippines, Central Luzon

    Previous Employer: Hsbc [ Since 10 Jun, 2010 - 19 Dec, 2017 ]

    To provide financial and inbound customer services to Marks and Spencer Money card holders in the UK by answering queries related to their accounts such checking balances and transactions, process balance transfers, setting up Direct Debits and credit limit increase requests. Also handles online queries, complaints and call transfers to concerned departments. Also promotes insurance and other products to M&S card holders as part of accounts up selling campaigns..

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Tpg Telecom [ Since 20 Oct, 2016 - 31 Dec, 2016 ]

    TPG Telecom Position Title : Technical Support (Provisioning Team) Industry : Call Center/IT-Enabled Services Date Joined : October 2016 Date Left : December 2016 Duties and Responsibilities : Set a schedule for an on-site Technician visit in order for them to install the internet of the customer and be sure that we have activated the socket for it so that the customer can immediately use the internet after we have installed it. Reason for Leaving : I have to help accommodate my mother as she visits my older sister who is currently working in New Zealand, My sister already bought the ticket for me and the visa ...

    Philippines, Manila

    Previous Employer: Mercidar Fishing Corporation [ Since 01 Feb, 1999 - 01 Jul, 2020 ]

    Hi everyone! Currently, I have two (2) positions with my employer. I have been a PURCHASING OFFICER, for 10 years now. I handle all our major suppliers, from various hardware stores to ice plants. The items vary, from a piece of galvanized nail to a fishing vessel propeller. I am tasked in item inquiries, purchase orders of items to payments. I also try to acquire new knowledge on marine requirements for us to be updated with technology. I not only talk to our suppliers, but my counterparts in other fishing companies in our area as well. I know it is not the ...

    Philippines, Bulacan

    Previous Employer: HSBC [ Since 10 Jun, 2010 - 19 Dec, 2017 ]

    The job I had with HSBC is to mainly provide Financial and Inbound customer services to Marks and Spencer Money cardholders in the UK by answering all related queries related to the customers accounts such as checking their balances and transactions, processing and setting up Direct Debits and requests for credit limit increase. Handles online queries and department transfers, checking emails, logging complaints and updating customers profile. Promotes other products to M&S card holders as part of the accounts up selling programs such as Personal Loans, Travel Money orders, Car and Home Insurance. Flagged customers account for cardholders ...

    Philippines, Central Luzon

    Previous Employer: Concentrix [ Since 07 Nov, 2016 - 08 Sep, 2016 ]

    I handle customer's concerns or issues through email. I process refunds, reposting digital downloads to customer accounts, assisting customers to manage their accounts, and performing basic troubleshooting.

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Teleperformance [ Since 06 Jun, 2016 - 20 Jun, 2018 ]

    We provide excellent customer service to customers by answering inquiries, finding correct solutions. As I am from Escalation and Retention Department, we are responsible to address the concern and inquiries of our customer. We need to assure and imply what customer service is. And our main purpose is to retain the customer from leaving and let them feel that we really value them as a loyal customer.