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    Team Leader Services
    Philippines, Ncr

    Previous Employer: Panalitix [ Since 05 Sep, 2016 - 10 Jul, 2017 ]

    Sdr Team Leader. Mainly Responsible For Training And Coaching New Hires For Sales Business To Business In The Field Of Cloud Accounting.

    Philippines, Manila

    Previous Employer: Dswd Fo Ov-A

    I Wrote Stories For A Particular Program. I Did Field Works And Interviews.

    Philippines, Cavite

    Previous Employer: Holy Grail Learning & Development Center [ Since 30 Mar, 2016 - 30 Mar, 2014 ]

    Cavite School Of St. Mark

    Philippines, Davao-Del-Sur

    Previous Employer: Unilever Rfm Ice Cream Inc [ Since 21 Jul, 2011 - 23 Apr, 2018 ]

    Depot Assistant / Admin

    Philippines, Benguet

    I am jane, mother of two cats—etienne and bruce. i realized that there are plenty of jobs out there that i need to try to know where i can excel. i am currently working at a law firm but i really need something different to keep the creative juices flowing. i believe that monotony makes the brain dull so here i am applying for a virtual assistant position.

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