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    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Gabriela Davenport [ Since 15 Apr, 2014 - 10 Jul, 2018 ]

    Lead generation specialist

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Globe Telecom [ Since 08 May, 2018 ]

    Accommodate customer's inquiries, promote company promos and products.Act as point person for transaction and after sales support. Activates new applications and implement change request.

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Algimar Construction [ Since 20 Jun, 2016 - 18 Jan, 2018 ]

    Secretary at Algimar constructions Making a payroll, preparing statement of acct., Billing, recording, and personal secretary at the same time business travel with the boss.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Centro Global Solutions [ Since 30 Apr, 2018 - 01 Jun, 2018 ]

    We provide service with the US citizens regarding with their benefits thru their own insurances. Were calling them to inform them about the product that they might eligible to receive. We are also contacting their own Primary Doctors to know if the products (Diabetic Supplies , Dry Skin Cream & Pain Cream) were beneficial for them and before we send the product to their front door we will be needing their Doctors approval because their Doctors is the one who knows their medical history. Centro Global Solutions is my last company, i stayed for a month only because its a seasonal account. ...

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Virtually Incredible [ Since 14 Jan, 2017 - 17 Jun, 2018 ]

    Tenant Screening - administrative work

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: International Relief And Development [ Since 12 Jul, 2013 - 25 Nov, 2014 ]

    All Managerial Office work like logistics, travel , parcel, emails, correspondences, meetings . All other meetings with the clients.

    Philippines, Calabarzon

    Previous Employer: Convegrys [ Since 27 Feb, 2017 ]

    * As a customer service associate I receive activation calls,making sure that the online enrollment submitted will be successfully saved on the system * I make sure that the customers information are correct and accurate * I also activate customers free trial of the service, explain to them the benefit of having the service, and encourage them to continue the service after their trial subscription * I was also promoted as a senior customer service associate and was given a task to mentor new hired employees, assist them when they take calls, answer their question, coach them if they commit mistake regarding the ...

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Vxi [ Since 31 Aug, 2013 - 18 Apr, 2017 ]

    Supervisor - Job Description - Manage and coach 15 agents to hit client specific metrics like Survey, Aht, quality, sale and attendance. Attend calibration session with clients weekly to identify challenges and provide action plans on how to overcome them. Provide coaching and touch base with all agents every week with focus on low hanging fruits to drive them to meet or even exceed their goals. Organize pre shift and post shift huddle with team every day and also is in charge of operations validation of new hires to ensure the right people are hired for the account and guarantee goals ...

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. [ Since 02 May, 2017 - 30 Dec, 2017 ]

     Responsible for managing, coordinating, and implementing an effective procurement services system, facilitating efficient and timely delivery of products and services ordered addressing concerns of proponent/requesting groups, and ensuring prompt payment of all accountabilities for products and services as delivered by suppliers.  Processes purchase requests, canvasses, bids, purchase orders and related services for the 7 assigned divisions.  Coordinates with the Bids and Procurement Committee (BPC) for items that will go through a sealed bidding process by issuing invitation letters; acts as facilitator and records opening of sealed bids; prepares bids analysis showing comparative figures against PSE’s Terms of Reference, and ...

    Philippines, MIMAROPA

    Previous Employer: Creme Dela Creme Dubai [ Since 05 Jul, 2015 - 16 Dec, 2016 ]

    Assistant Restaurant Manager Handling admin stuff for all the employees and the restaurant. Assisting Manager on opening and closing the restaurant Keeping all documents organized Training and supervising staff Monitoring stock levels Promoting and marketing the business ordering supplies Managing staff schedules Planning and proposing special menus Ensuring compliance with licensing, hygiene and health and safety legislation/guidelines Sometimes if the restaurant is full, I am also taking orders and doing the cashier stuff Taking phone reservations/delivery (within the mall outlet)