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    Philippines, Central Luzon

    Previous Employer: Subic Bay Freeport Chamber Of Commerce [ Since 02 Nov, 2016 - 03 Feb, 2017 ]

    As a marketing officer, i am tasked to monitor active marketing programs and think of ways to develop and improve the existing campaigns that we have. i have assisted and organized events. provided assistance by promoting their businesses and sending e-mail campaigns. i also do surveys and updates through phone calls.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Global Strategic Business Process Solutions [ Since 11 May, 2018 ]

    Provides support with sending initial emails, scheduling appointments and answering inquiries.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Digital Crown Homes Limited [ Since 06 Mar, 2008 - 06 Oct, 2011 ]

    I am introducing products to clients,marketing our products and targeting clients who needs it.i am attending what our clients needs and inquiries..answers telephone calls and encouraging clients to purchase our products..

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Bibo Global Inc [ Since 08 May, 2014 - 22 Jul, 2015 ]

    I was a online English instructor for Koreans and Japanese students.

    Philippines, Manila

    Previous Employer: Straightarrow Corporation (previous Employer) [ Since 01 Aug, 2014 - 22 May, 2018 ]

    • Collaborate with Advertising Excellence Consultants and Managers for onboarding client configurations. Then, perform Sprinklr Ads platform configurations based on client requirements and assure that client expectations regarding platform use cases and functionalities are fulfilled. • Build Paid reports across different channels for clients. • Provides expertise in supporting APAC and UK client queries on Sprinklr Ads Module and Paid Media Advertising. • Brainstorm ideas for new features or enhancements and evaluate the functionality in adding value to Sprinklr. • Creates documentation of Best Practices for Ads Enablement configuration and Sprinklr Media Strategy Recommendations • Provide analytical insights and reports showcasing the overall and individual growth ...

    United States, Washington

    Previous Employer: Jack W Hanemann Ps [ Since 27 Feb, 2017 ]

    Assist attorneys with legal work. Communicate with new and current clients. Establish relationships with clients. Research and prepare arguments. Redesigned the website and business cards to new designs.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Tech Mahindra Ltd [ Since 21 Jan, 2014 - 29 Jun, 2018 ]

    Senior Quality Analyst

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Optimus Space Solutions, Inc. [ Since 07 Jul, 2014 ]

    Account Specialist • Meet with prospect clients to get details of their requirement. • Proposed based on the details gathered. • Close the deal. • Monitor project from production to turn over. • Perform after sales service. Project Engineer • Responsible for execution of assigned projects from proposal to Project completion. • Responsible for ensuring that the package for submittal to the client meets all client requirements. Checks that all client comments have been incorporated. Assures that the package has been through all relevant checks in line with the Quality Management System(QMS). • Prepares and coordinates the project schedule and maintains this throughout the project. Optimizes the ...

    Previous Employer: Tv5 Network Inc. [ Since 01 Apr, 2010 - 10 Jul, 2018 ]

    I am an edit supervisor for One News morning shows. I am responsible for the trafficking of editors as well as previewing video materials, making sure all video requirements are correct. I am also assisting all the production assistants for all the post-production concerns. Before being the edit supervisor, I am also a segment producer. I pitched new stories and responsible from the pre-production (research and pre-interview of the case study), production (it includes shooting, directing the cameraman on field and scripting) and post-production (editing and graphics requirements) of any segment assigned to me.

    Philippines, Metro Manila

    Previous Employer: Vxi Global [ Since 21 May, 2014 ]

    I handle both customer service over the phone and through email as an email support to address customer concern in regard to the service we offer. Most of the concern they have is how to do withdrawal and the timeframe. We are being measured base on the customer feedback through a survey that customers receive via email. When needed, to provide better customer service, I also do a follow call to the customer who has multiple concerns. Since the account I am handling is a financial account, I practice a highly secured way of dealing with the customers issue.