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Philippines, Northern Mindanao

Previous Employer: Teletech [ Since 09 May, 2016 - 28 Jul, 2017 ]

I was an over the phone supervisor for escalations.

Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: Barone Internarional [ Since 17 Aug, 2015 - 20 Jul, 2018 ]

I am a project management for LEED Projects, having 4 credentials, and handling no less than 9 projects simultaneously.

Telemarketing Services
Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: Demand Science [ Since 07 Dec, 2017 ]

Virtual telemarketer, it is a b2b account where we need to make outbound calls to our client.We just need to let them know that we are sending them an informative report to their working email.Once they agreed to it, that would be a lead for us.We are submitting tge potential leads to our admins for validation, normally we get the feedback the next day after if the submitted leads are valid or not. Virtual telemarketer, it is a b2b account where we need to make outbound calls to our client.We just need to let ...

Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation [ Since 03 Sep, 2013 ]

Network management officer: Responsible for the aftersales performance of assigned aurhorized mitsubishi dealerships including: - attainment of target service units - attainment of parts sales and forecasting of orders - improvement of service operations - aid in formulation of strategies to improve the above mentioned kpi's - function as a window person for information needed to be cascaded and implemented from and to the company. - assist dealers on requests to improve their day to day after sales operations.

Philippines, Caraga

Previous Employer: Eperformax [ Since 28 Mar, 2016 - 07 Feb, 2018 ]

I believe I have the necessary skills and abilities for this job and to my previous job. I am organized, resourceful, and fast learner. Previously, I was working for ePerformax. I’ve strengthen my ability to work on my own initiative, prioritizing workloads to meet targets with the greet customer service professions. I am able to complete task which involve working in a team and independently. I believe this makes me an ideal candidate for this position as I young. I enjoy meeting new people and I can develop a high standard of service. I am hoping for your favourable ...

India, Karnataka

Previous Employer: Cadd Design Solutions Bangalore [ Since 20 Jun, 2017 - 05 Jan, 2018 ]

Technical trainer Working as a CADD engineer.

Philippines, Metro Manila

Previous Employer: Freelancer [ Since 20 Sep, 2018 - 02 Jan, 2018 ]

I used to coordinate with prospective clients, sending emails and proposals, meeting them in their office. Used to orepare proposals, quotations and invoices.

India, Delhi

Previous Employer: Brainspree [ Since 21 May, 2018 ]

Designing structures

India, Maharashtra

Previous Employer: Mcphail India Ltd [ Since 13 Jul, 2016 - 18 Jul, 2017 ]

Data entry, content writing, code bugging

India, Gujarat

Previous Employer: Decoracontent [ Since 03 Jun, 2017 - 23 May, 2018 ]

3d interior modelling and rendering, also product modelling , furniture modelling