BEI CLOUD: Alster Cruz specializing in Software Developer services

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Profile Submitted From or Near: Davao City Davao Del Sur
  • Personal Information:
    • Name: Alster
    • City: Davao City
    • State: Davao Del Sur
  • Last Company I Worked For:
    • Previous Companies Name: Rasay Insurance Agency And General Services
    • Date Started: 2013-03-11
    • Date Ended: 2018-06-23
  • Other Information
    • College: Ama Computer Learning Center
    • My Degree: Some College
    • Previous Job Description: Quality Analyst/Claims Adjuster. As a Quality Analyst, we check the sales of our to team if it is a clear sale and does not mislead the customer, and to get great customer satisfactory ratings. And as a Claims Adjuster, we evaluate motor vehicle insurance claims and provide accurate repair valuation report. We also check and evaluate customer needs in regards with death or bodily injury insurance claims and provide protection and assurance to our clients or customers. More likely similar to customer service support but we do it personally to get in touch with our client or customers. In connection as a Quality Analyst, Claims Adjuster and a programmer. I use these three skills that i have to work fast and at the proper pacing with analytical experience throughout my job. Our goal is to provide quality services and good customer support that can give ease to our clients or customers in an uncertain event of their life.
    • More About Me: I worked as a telemarketer before and then was promoted as an Quality Analyst. After those i was absorbed as claims adjuster where i work too many kinds of jobs like customer services, customer and sales relationship, backhand sales support, legal work, impromptu computer programming work specially software development and many more.
    • Some of my hobbies: Basketball, online gaming, gaming marketing
  • My Avability: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • I can work: Nights
  • Personal Skills:
    • Hourly fixed: I am open to both