BEI CLOUD: Arianne Daez specializing in E-Mail Marketing services

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Profile Submitted From or Near: Bacoor Calabarzon Philippines
  • Personal Information:
    • Name: Arianne
    • City: Bacoor
    • State: Calabarzon
    • Country: Philippines
  • Last Company I Worked For:
    • Previous Companies Name: Infinity Wedding And Events Coordinators
    • Date Started: 2015-05-15
  • Other Information
    • College: 2005-2010
    • My Degree: Some College
    • Previous Job Description: My job is a head event coordinator. I mostly execute the events program together with my senior head coordinator. I usually do meetings with clients and do some explainations/ presentation on what will happen on their events, We also try to give them ideas/ suggestions appropriate for their needs. We also market our services by joining exhibits/expo. We do weddings, corporate, birthday events. We make sure that we help client find the best or suitable suppliers for them. We also plan the program based on what they want to do on their events. It's exhilarating to be in this kind of industry, you meet different people from different walks of life as well as make them happy on the outcome of their special event. Which for me is very fulfilling. I think my best talent is to make people believe that we can do it, it's not impossible to achieve what we and they want as long as we help each other, we listen and compromise for the success of the event.
    • Some of my hobbies: Selling online
  • My Avability: Part-Time
  • I can work: Nights
  • Personal Skills:
    • Hourly fixed: Hourly
    • Hourly rate: MSG ME