BEI CLOUD: Patrick Rocas specializing in Business Intelligence services

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Profile Submitted From or Near: Mandaluyong Manila Philippines
  • Personal Information:
    • Name: Patrick
    • City: Mandaluyong
    • State: Manila
    • Country: Philippines
  • Last Company I Worked For:
    • Previous Companies Name: Convergys Services Philippines
    • Date Started: 2013-12-16
    • Date Ended: 2018-07-03
  • Other Information
    • College: Niit
    • My Degree: Associate Degree
    • Previous Job Description: Convergys Services Philippines is one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing companies in the Philippines boasting a diverse offering of services that they can cater to. During my stint with the company, I was in the Reporting and Analytics team where we supported the leadership team by maintaining and updating reports and dashboards on a daily basis to help them achieve and maintain all relevant Key Performance Indicators. We also helped leadership in understanding their to enable the Leadership team to make informed business decisions. We were also tasked to perform routine maintenance on Database that was utilized in generating reports to ensure that we are able to deliver reports accurately and on time. Very good communication skills were required for the position as we constantly had to coordinate with Leadership and other departments to ensure that we are able to support them in their reporting needs.
    • More About Me: I love the outdoors and this is probably because of my love for nature. i love experiencing and learning new things especially if this will be beneficial in managing my workload. i try to learn new skills to improve my self and become more efficient in what i do.
    • Some of my hobbies: Gardening, Games, Movies
  • My Avability: Full-Time, Part-Time, As Needed, Employee, Temporary, Contract, Seasonal
  • I can work: Both
  • Personal Skills:
    • Hourly fixed: Hourly
    • Hourly rate: MSG ME