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Profile Submitted From or Near: NAVOTAS Manila Philippines
  • Personal Information:
    • Name: Hershey
    • City: NAVOTAS
    • State: Manila
    • Country: Philippines
  • Last Company I Worked For:
    • Previous Companies Name: Mercidar Fishing Corporation
    • Date Started: 1999-02-01
    • Date Ended: 2020-07-01
  • Other Information
    • College: De La Salle University
    • My Degree: Graduate or Professional Degree
    • Previous Job Description: Hi everyone! Currently, I have two (2) positions with my employer. I have been a PURCHASING OFFICER, for 10 years now. I handle all our major suppliers, from various hardware stores to ice plants. The items vary, from a piece of galvanized nail to a fishing vessel propeller. I am tasked in item inquiries, purchase orders of items to payments. I also try to acquire new knowledge on marine requirements for us to be updated with technology. I not only talk to our suppliers, but my counterparts in other fishing companies in our area as well. I know it is not the most conservative way to do it, but it works for us. We are a long-time and close fishing industry in our place, so almost all fishing companies are very familiar with each other by this time. I am still newbie with my second (2nd) position is at the fishport, as a "MARKET CHECKER". I have only been doing it for two (2) years now. It is a complicated and somehow, very “local” type of business transaction. We sell our fish to market “buyers and sellers”. They are called, “buy and sell”. We are the first in the marketing flow chart. The fish supply comes from us. Second step is through a middle man, the “whisperer”. In our fishport, it is a bidding system through whispering from our middle man to buyers. Literally, through whispering. That is where I come in. My job at the market is to make sure that the prices of the fish “sold” by our middleman are true and correct. I double check it with the various people. I also make sure that the final price is enough for the quality and quantity of the fish sold. Good day. Thank you! 
    • More About Me: Hi everyone. i am the eldest among 9 siblings, but not from a single set of parents. i come from a broken family. fortunately, i think the complexity of our situation gave me the push, not to make things more complicated as it is. because i am very approachable and friendly, i have a lot of acquaintances, but only a few good closest friends. i am fond of meeting and conversing with a new person or a group of people. i love being active, or at least, try to be more active. at least twice a week, i play badminton with friends. i try to save money to go to the beach at least once a year, or once every two (2) years. i am a very curious person. i ask questions a lot. i am more inclined on learning things through personal experience, and through other person’s, not just by reading about things. i am still learning how to be still and patient. in a situation, i could not just sit and wait, knowing i could do something about it..or, at least try to do something. i am the type of person who tries to still, see good in every situation. you could call me an optimistic, but because of adulthood, my being optimistic already has limits haha.. err, in that case, am i still considered as an optimistic, or realistic? i think that is most of what i can say about myself, so far..hehe thank you! 
    • Some of my hobbies: Badminton, Scuba dive, beach trips
  • My Avability: Part-Time, As Needed, Employee, Temporary, Contract, Seasonal
  • I can work: Both
  • Personal Skills:
    • Hourly fixed: Hourly
    • Hourly rate: MSG ME