Positions are available, but limited... Idea applicant should want full time work

BEI is seeking virtual employees or in office employees. The good thing is, we provide you with the work. Some of you might have used online virtual work platforms like UpWork and so on, these are nice platforms, but can be difficult to get consistent work all the time. BEI focus is to provide you with work, regardless of your positions we have clients seeking accountants, call center agents, data entry, and the list goes on.


Tyler is the best employer ive ever had he is not only my employer but a friend. I learned a lot from him im hoping in the future i can work for him again good luck and wishing success for the company.

Jeffrey G.

Mr. Tyler is a great. He is very professional in all aspects. He pays on time with no issues. He provides instructions clearly (easy to follow) and if you're in doubt of what to do he is always ready to assist and entertains any questions. Thank you for letting me be a part of your team Mr. Tyler. Thank you for the experience.

Jenine V.

I had a great time working with this wonderful and professional man, Tyler. He's amazing and trained me in all possible ways. He provides everything that you need to do the job. When it comes to payment, no questions asked, he's always on time, if not, in advance releasing it. I am so grateful that I became part of his prestigious company. Thank you for the opportunities. All the best!

Mae Krys R

Mr. DeWitt (owner of BEI) is very understanding and compensates well. Every day is a learning process with him and I'm so grateful that I was given an opportunity to work with him

Rene Mar.

Working with Tyler and the company is such a good experience. They are professionals and he transforms my challenges into strengths every day. And I'd be happy to be working with him again in the future.