One Tactic That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

The job market is still very tough, and some applicants will go to great lengths just to get noticed by both recruiters and potential employers. Some jobseekers even gain notice in the headlines for some of the unconventional tactics they use. While these resume tactics may gain attention in the public eye, they seldom result in job offers. Those that are hired did not obtain the job because of a gimmick; the gimmick simply made the potential employer sit up and take notice.

Why Gimmicks Usually Fail
The reality is there is a big difference between attempting to showcase your talent and using a gimmick to be noticed. While the gimmick may get you noticed, it is not very likely to ensure employment. The reason for this is because resume gimmicks tend to show the following:

The applicant seems to be recognized for his or her ability to create sensationalism rather than highlighting his or her accomplishments. Once the novelty of the gimmick wears offs it will be necessary for the applicant to show the company some real substance to prevent the resume from becoming lost among the others. Another problem is if the gimmick should backfire, it is likely to leave a sour taste in the mouth of the employer and possibly even affect your chances of being hired by other companies.

When an applicant spells out his or her desire for a job in a public way, it may cause potential employers to feel uncomfortable. While there is nothing wrong with showing a little humility and expressing a desire for a particular position, you don’t want the employer to feel sorry for you. What you do want them to see is your great attitude, ability and willingness to work hard, and your potential to shine.

In some industries or positions, employers may actually seek out applicants who don’t have a problem being in the spotlight. However, there are others who see using a resume gimmick coming from someone with a big ego who is unable to work in a team environment. While you want to demonstrate confidence, you want to avoid coming across as someone who always needs attention.

Appears as a juvenile action
When you resort to publicity gimmicks in order to attract attention from potential employers, you are screaming out for them to look at you rather than asking how you can help the company reach its goals. This may also show employers you are not mature enough to solve problems and accomplish goals in a professional manner.

What Is the Best Method
If resume gimmicks are likely to fail, what does work? The best thing is to return to basics; namely, develop a resume that highlights your accomplishments and authenticity. Make sure the cover letter you craft shows you have taken the time to understand the needs of the employer. Always present yourself in a professional manner no matter what the end result might be.

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