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BEI customer support agents are interviewed thoroughly before being hired. BEI only hires Filipinos that have fluent English. Not only does BEI focus on hiring Filipinos that have excellent English, we also make sure they are friendly, sincere, and attentive to customer needs while on the phone. We like to make sure the customer is as satisfied as possible before we end the call, never rushing calls, but staying efficient in the process at the same time.

What other services are included:

  • Customer Upselling
  • Customer Downselling
  • Customer Questionnaires
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Surveys

BEI solutions are focused with quality in mind. BEI solutions will be tailored to work for you (the client). Here at BEI we are constantly customizing packages that will go best with our client. Every single client needs a unique plan from start to finish. BEI wants to make sure we are meeting the objectives and nothing less.

Client solutions also include, but not limited to:

  • Direct Communication With The Agent Managing Your Campaign
  • Direct Access to Agents Recorded Calls
  • Direct Contact Can Be Through Skype, Phone, and or Email
  • Direct Training With Agent (if you prefer or we will train)

We are constantly and provocatively monitoring our agents in live time as well. In fact, we have a higher level of support agents that monitor calls full time to make sure our QDO (Quality Driven Operation) is being met at all times. This means generally nine times out of ten all of our agents are fully OK on their own, but it’s the structure we put into place that really increases the QDO of our operations. When the agents are under monitoring from time to time, not only does it keep them on their feet, but at same time they feel a sense of relaxation. Due to the fact we have a whisper in feature, where management can whisper (where only agent hears not customer) into the calls assisting the agents as they are in the call. It really maximizes the performance of what are agents can do. We keep them on their feet, but at same time a confident positive mood.

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